Movable Tweak: Movable Type 3 vs. Movable Type 4: A Modular Site Approach

Jesse Gardner recently posted a great article on his Movable Tweak site documenting the fundamental design changes between MT3 Templates and MT4 Teamplates. If you haven’t looked at the templates, basically all of the current templates have been modularized so common components are read from the same file, where previously you had to go to every template you wanted to change by hand. You can read the article here.

MT4 RC1 and Default Styles – What a Mess

So I just upgraded from MT4 Beta 6 to RC1 today, and also went through every template to update it to the new MT4 code (something I didn’t do during Beta 6). Everything works as intended. I then try one of the new standard styles available through the UI. It loads okay, but it removes the widget list I created. The problem is, the styles should enumerate / create a widget set to use for the style, and instead it seems to be hard-coded to the style itself. Nice, now I have to scrape through module code to take their stuff out and put back the widget selection code that should have been there in the first place. Ugh.

Social Networking Overload

Today when I was looking at the plethora of “social networking” sites that I already belong to or view posts on, I came to a question that I’m not sure has an answer:  Are several social networks really a good thing?  For the sake of being on the “right” platform for your friends / colleagues / acquaintances, are we diluting whatever message / content / item / link we post?  Let me know what you think either in the comments, or via email.

MOSS Memory Corrupt Error 6398, 6482, 7076 Fix

In the process of test upgrade runs for my company’s implementation of MOSS 2007, our MOSS server threw up a bunch of errors regarding memory being corrupt, etc.  Well the From the Field blog posted a solution that seems to be working in my case.  Basically it involves installing the Microsoft Hotfix 923028 for .NET 2.0, but then also re-entering the username and password for the SharePoint Timer Service.  You can read their post here.