Bosworth’s Web of Data Bosworth’s Web of Data: – Google’s Adam Bosworth on the future of information, suggesting that we “do for information what HTTP did for user interface.” Basically he’s saying that a “simple, sloppy” protocol will succeed, and referenced RSS 2.0 as an example of the right direction, and XML being the wrong direction because of it’s extensively rigid structure.

Making the iPod’s shuffle function work better

On Maximum Aardvark, AJ talks about how to make the shuffle function work better, namely by optomizing some smart playlists to tailor to your listening preference for the day. The ideas he has are good for someone who has spent the time to rate their songs on their iPod or in iTunes, but I’m not that inclined to rate tons of songs nonstop to get to that point.

You can read more about it here.

Clear Screen Table

(clearscreentable, Originally uploaded by caterina)

This is an awesome example of Transparent Screens, the process of taking a picture of the environment, making that your desktop background, and matching the color attributes and positioning to make it look like the screen is transparent. Awesome Stuff!

Note: The original creator of the photo quit flickr, but graciously allowed caterina to host it.