Arizona falls…

The pieces are beginning to fall into place…. Arizona lost last night to Stanford, opening the door for Pittsburgh to be on top of the polls for the first time ever, as long as they can pull out a win @ Syracuse on Saturday. Lets Go Pitt!!!

Hump Day is almost over!

Another half of the work week is past us, and it’s time to look towards the weekend! I’ll be on the road to Pittsburgh for Laura’s White Coat ceremony on Friday, but I should have some time to do some updates while I’m there, as she has a test on Monday. Pitt is still #2 in the polls this week, with a road game @ Syracuse. If Arizona loses a game this week, and Pitt wins theirs, we’re in the top spot, YEEHA!

Anyways that’s it for now….

First Entry

Hi everyone, this is the first of what I hope is many entries in the new blog. I plan on using the blog as the focus of the site, with other items (jeep stuff, racing, etc.) on linked pages from it as needed. This is definitely an evolutionary process, and as such will take some time to get down to an easily updateable site. Hopefully this new beginning will bring with it some interesting things!