Aaah, the smell of new hardware

When I came in this morning, what did I find? Oh, just a dual 2.8 gHz Xeon server in my cube : ) That has to be one of the perks of working in I.T., getting to be the first person to use that new hardware. It keeps my computer addiction cost down to a sane level.

Let the 2003 season Begin!!!

Today is first day practice for the season opener of the 2003 ChampCar season in sunny Tampa. I know that Anita, Bruce, and the rest of the 7G gang is going to have a wonderful time while I’m here in frosty PA fighting the perpetual fire that is I.T. Brad over at SeventhGear has a preview article about the race.

MovableType Upgrade

I just upgraded the site to the latest and greatest version of MovableType (v 2.62) If you see any errors or things missing, let me know. So far it seems like everything upgraded AOK.

Microsoft’s done it again

Just when you thought things might calm down, I find an article describing a MAJOR security hole in Windows XP, self-dubbed the “most secure version ever”. Yeah, secure until you use the magic relic that is the Windows 2000 installation CD.

SeventhGear Changes

With the 2003 ChampCar season upon us, SeventhGear is shifting around some responsibilities, and my good friend Anita Swirsky is now the Managing Editor! With the great job she’s done with the forums, the chat room, and the At-The-Track meets at SeventhGear in the past, and her wonderful enthusiasm, I’m sure she’ll do an excellent job making SeventhGear even better. Congrats Anita!

Another Year Gone By…

Well today I turn 24 years old… another one past 21, and one before what could be considered the last truly positive birthday milestone, 25. One more year until I can rent from a rental car company without penalty! So today for lunch the people in my group took me to Hunan Springs, pretty good. I ended up having Orange Beef, which was very good, light on the hot peppers, the way I like it : ). Then the parents took me out to dinner. I haven’t been to Chili’s in about 2 years so I figured why not. I don’t know why but I just haven’t been there in a long time. I ended up having the Monterrey Chicken, definitely a good choice! I must go there more often. All in all a pretty quiet birthday, and a quiet day of work after having 5 days off (gotta love getting stuck away from home in a snowstorm!).

LinuxJournal comments

I just finished reading the latest issue of LinuxJournal (the blog special that I mentioned earlier), and it had some very interesting articles. There was one main article about blogs, and the options out there for blogging systems in general, and listed some referrer sites, as well as how Google seems to promote blogs in their listings, an interesting read. Also they had a few articles about fighting spam by using Bayesian statistical methods to determine from words if the email was spam or not, and went into detail about the formulas used to make it all work. I highly recommend this issue to check it out.

Blizzard Fun

Well I’m still in Pittsburgh, and there’s about a foot and a half of snow on the ground. I was thinking that maybe the Turnpike and the interstates would be clear to drive home at 4 this afternoon, but the blowing and drifting snow is making the highways a chore for the crews to keep open. So I’ll just spend another evening at Laura’s apartment and hang out. : )