Social Networking: Back to the Blog?

Over on GigaOM, Anne Zeleka talks about the next social network being WordPress, or blogs in general, and talks about the current DiSo project which is utilizing OpenID as a centralized identity, but allows any user to host his “home” anywhere.  Anne talks up WordPress as that is the first plugin architecture the DiSo project is working with, but with MovableType going Open Source, I’m sure WordPress is only the starting point.  It’s a solid idea, and brings back to the debate about all of these Social Networks, are they a good thing or due to the variety out there actually hinder both the social aspects with contacts you already have and the networking concepts that these sites are trying to provide?

Copyblogger argues on the side of blogs as a better venue / value proposition versus Social Networks, since you can ultimately control your content versus providing your content to grow the value of the network, which you have no monetary interest in.  The site obviously is looking at it from the profiteering perspective, which is valid, but everyone isn’t trying to live (or make money) on their blog.


They both have their place, but the groundswell is getting bigger that it’s too difficult / time consuming to update each social networking site / blog and social networking sites need to be open to help cross-pollenate updates to all of the networks / blogs you so choose.