SharePoint High Availability Resources

I’m currently in the middle of my employer’s SharePoint migration from 2003 to 2007, and in the process we’re moving to new hardware, new farm structure, and new availability requirements.  Something that I’m trying to get a handle on is that Database Mirroring only supports up to 10 databases at a time, and this would be a bare MOSS implementation if you would mirror all databases and keep the out of the box SQL 2005 databases (3 SSP, 1 MySite ContentDB, 1 MOSS Content DB, 2 Central Admin DBs, 1 Index DB, 2 ReportServer DBs).  For those implementations that split out their content databases, this would be a significant problem.  Here are some links that help to address the debate on what scenarios you should use for your High Availability application.

As for our implementation, we’re currently proceeding with the Database Mirroring approach, since our hardware is already purchased, but there are some other compelling ways to provide seamless high availability posted above.

Now on MT 4.0 Final

Well the site is now on the production MT 4.0 codebase, which was released today. I haven’t had the time to dig into why the sidebar templates get all clobbered when I try to strip out the junk and add in a widget set, but hopefully I’ll get to it soon.