Some Tech News From the Road, Lima, OH edition

Here’s some things I’ve stumbled upon over the past few days that caught my eye.

First there’s news over on Gizmodo that Windows XP Service Pack 2 causes performance slowdowns on laptops. You can read the snippet and the standard Microsoft “there is no problem” response here.

Next up is an article on that describes places that viruses and trojans hide on startup. It’s a nice resource and includes several registry areas to look into. You can find the whole article here.

And on the spyware / adware topic there is an article on that discusses a USA Today column by Kevin Maney describing his issues with spyware and the issues and frustration that is building the trend to switching away from windows. You can find the commentary and the link to the USA Today article here.

Apple Store: Shadyside Grand Opening

On Saturday, Apple opened it’s new store in the Shadyside section of Pittsburgh. This is the first Apple location in the Pittsburgh metro area, and the first one that incorporates Apple’s “Studio” concept. The store is of average size, and fits nicely in the Walnut St. shopping district, which includes such stores as Banana Republic, Williams Sonoma, and Gap. Unfortunately my camera ran out of power so I was unable to take any pics, but I’ve added some pictures from other people who were also at the opening.

Front of the store at night


The wait on Opening Day


It’s Open!


Inside of the store from the front. Notice the Studio section in the back.


Picture of the Apple Studio from the desk

All in all it was an enjoyable experience, even though the wait was an hour and a half to two hours. The line had lots of great people to converse with, and after spending 2 hours in line, I even was asked for color advice for an iPod Mini purchase (She bought the silver one).

Apple releases new iMac G5

Apple yesterday released their new mid-range desktop, the iMac G5. It’s a very sleek design where everything sits behind / in either a 17″ or 20″ LCD enclosure. Apple again kicks PC design and ingenuity up a notch with this new unit, where everything is enclosed, even the power supply, with ports on the back to connect your keyboard mouse, power cord, and firewire / USB devices.

Apple iMac G5

Very cool stuff, even for a person who doesn’t own a Mac.

Upgrade to MT 3.1

I’ve just upgraded the internals of the site to version 3.1. It looks the same on the surface, but good fixes / additions underneath. I haven’t changed the archives to dynamic creation yet, as I’m still debating on whether I should try messing with it or not, but everything else seems aok. Let me know if you have any troubles accessing the site.