Now on WordPress

With the blog version of this site quickly approaching the 5 year anniversary mark, I’ve been trying to update / fix issues with moving to Movable Type 4 and it’s new theme structure.  You had to use the new structure to use the new features included, and the lack of published themes in conjunction with issues when adding features I had on the MT 3.3 version of the site not properly working forced me to rethink the delivery of this site.

So off I went, looking at everything from full-blown CMS to various blog platforms to SharePoint, since it pays my bills ; ).  I’m currently on a Unix hosting provider, so SharePoint is out.  CMS would be overkill for my needs, so those were soon eliminated as well.  WordPress seemed to fit all of my needs and more with extensible plugins, thousands of already free themes, and a simple interactive interface with spam filtering.  Maybe the MT side of the fence will improve, and this site spent a good 5 years on it, but for now WordPress fits the bill a bit better.

I hope you enjoy the new layout, and enjoy!