RuSPORT announces 2005 Driver Lineup

Today RuSPORT announced that their 2005 Champ Car World Series lineup will consist of AJ Allmendinger and Justin Wilson, each of which finished 1 and 2 respectively in the 2004 Roshfrans Rookie of the Year Standings.

“After having a strong first year, finishing sixth in the overall standings, and winning the Rookie of the Year title, I’m even more excited to get in the car and build on what we as a team have accomplished this year,” said the Autosport Rookie of the Year nominee. “I’m truly living my dream and I know winning pole positions and races is right around the corner. We came into this year knowing we had a lot to learn; now I’m confident we can contend for the championship.”

– AJ Allmendinger

“I’m obviously very excited to be joining RuSPORT,” said the former F1 pilot and Formula 3000 champion. “The atmosphere within in the team is great and there is such a high level of drive and professionalism. I think it’s the best place to be to win races and championships. I’m also really looking forward to having A.J. as a teammate because we see things similarly. We get on well even though every weekend we were battling head to head.”

– Justin Wilson

“I am proud of what we accomplished in 2004; however, I know that I speak for all of RuSPORT when I say we are eager get to the front,” said Carl Russo team owner. “I believe we have what it takes to get there. A.J. and Justin are two young champions who know how to go for it. This is going to be fun!”

– Carl Russo, Team Owner

I liked AJ from his Toyota Atlantic days, and enjoyed Justin’s racing performances this year, so call me an official RuSPORT backer for 2005!

You can read the official release here.

Half-Life 2 Pirated Warez Version a trap?

Over on Half-Life 2 Files there is an article about a pirated warez version of Half-Life 2, released via the Bittorrent netowrk. This user sent word of this to Gabe Newell @ Valve and he had this to say:

We’re running a bit of an experiment. We’re keeping track of the accounts that do this and will be shutting them off.

Basically Valve released a “warez” version to flush out the leechers, and in essence banning them from Steam. Therefore, you should probably just buy it, like everyone else. : )

Half-Life 2 Installation FAQ

Over at HL2 World, they’ve created a Half-Life 2 Wiki for a one stop information shop regarding Half-Life 2. I’ve created the Half-Life 2 Installation FAQ portion of the site, after my own experience with the install, and poor response from Vivendi support with my problem. They’ve since added my issue / resolution to their support site, and I’ve added items that they have posted into the FAQ as well. You can see the Installation section here, and let me know what you think / or if you have any suggestions / additions.

Pitt vs. Notre Dame Weekend

I finally got my pictures off of my HP PhotoSmart 318 digital camera, and I’m disappointed with the results, especially the fact that the scoreboard of Pitt’s victory came out as one big blur.

Here’s 2 highlight pictures:

Right after the game:

The Grotto(sp?) at Notre Dame (Click Link for larger picture)

As you can see by the larger picture, the relatively low megapixel count makes the details look a bit washy and noisy at the same time.

All in all a fun weekend!

Rainlendar – Calendar App.

Over on Rainy’s he has a project called Rainlendar. It’s a simple Calendar / To Do list app that sits on your desktop and gives you easy notice of your appointments, to dos, etc. and even syncs with Outlook!

Here’s one of the standard themes on my desktop:

There’s several other themes as well on his site.

Check it out!

Firefox 1.0

Done. Click the link on the right side to download. It’s getting /.ed right now so be patient.

If you’ve used a previous version and kept the default home page, a new start page awaits with 1.0, featuring google search and a tip section for FireFox.