The folks over at Blogchalking are utilizing the chalking concept and applying it to blogs, giving it an underground search engine if you will. I liked the concept, so I signed up! You can see my Blogchalking info on the right pane.

Upgrade from 2.62 to 2.64

I just upgraded the site from MovableType 2.62 to 2.64. If there is anything that got lost in the upgrade that I haven’t found, let me know.

Sharepoint Search is terrible

I’ve been working off and on on a SharePoint 2003 Prototype installation at work, and it seems to do what I want to accomplish: Give those who need documents from several departments based on their location all the documents they would ever want. However, to do it the best way to maintain I need to be able to search and filter by filename. Should be easy, right? I’m afraid not. In 2003 the search engine lets you search and filter on every attribute you could ever want, even by who their manager is, but you cannot search by the name of the file itself. And the reasoning behind this I have not been able to dig up anywhere. If anyone has any knowledge about the search engine in Sharepoint 2003 and why you can’t search by name (some wierd indexing key in the file database in sharepoint?) please post a comment. Thanks.

Multiple Monitor Flight Simulation madness

Look at this crazy setup for MS Flight Simulator using several monitors using Wideview software. The software lets you use multiple networked machines as one virtual flight simulator. Pretty amazing stuff, you can see 180 degrees around and 70 degrees plus vertical in front with that setup.

Wi Fi blog

I was stumbling around and found an interesting blog focused on the world of Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi Networking News covers everything from new products, security, new technologies, and the social craze of Wi-Fi. Check it out!

CERT creates incident response certification

An article on CNet News announced that the CERT Coordination center created a certification for incident handling regarding computer security. I think that this certification in concept seems like it will be a solid one to hold, due to its creation by one of if not the premier computer response agency in the world.

Blogpatrol link fixed

BlogPatrol seems to be back up and running, although they reset their user list. I recreated my user account so the counter is now back and functional. The next step is actually being able to go into my account and change the hit count back to where it should be. now listed on BlogShares

I stumbled on an interesting site called BlogShares where blogs are listed as stocks, and users can buy and sell shares of each blog. It’s like a stock exchange for blogs. Stock evaluation is based on links in and out of the blog, as well as share trade activity. Check it out!

21st Century Warfare

Recently I’ve been in a big Battlefield 1942 kick. A great mod for BF1942 out right now is called DesertCombat. The fine crew over at MFOTS has taken their BattleForEurope model and applied it to DesertCombat, creating 21st Century Warfare. The concept is that you sign up, and are placed in a division on either the Opposition or Coalition. Each side has their own command structure, and battles between the forces are applied to a map of the Middle East. It’s very addicting : )

4th of July

I plan on being in Pittsburgh for the 4th of July weekend, so I will be away until the 7th.

Everyone have a safe and happy 4th! : )