releases episode #3

The Broken just released episode #3 this week, with 30 minutes of footage. Features include another “Hacking with Ramzi” segment where they incinerate a laptop with thermite, Windows password basics, basic console modding, and an interview with Kevin Mitnick. Definitely worth checking out.

Addition of

With the passing of SeventhGear, I’ve found a good successor in These ChampCar oriented forums have a lot of the big posters from 7G as members / posters on OffCamber. They have discussion forums for ChampCar, Formula 1, Ladder Series, Other Racing, Gatherings, and a Community forum as well. They even have a chat room, but I’ll probably still be sticking around on #7thgear on for raceday and general chat.

The End of SeventhGear

7G Classic Logo was sold to and they officially made the transition final, squashing 7G’s forums forever. Being more of a forum “lurker” than a poster in the forums over there, I think that anyone who attended an “At the Track” event will miss 7G just for that level of interaction and involvement between members of the forum, as well as some acknowledgement around the paddock of what 7G members did as fans of the sport.

The #7thgear chatroom on the XWorld IRC network is the only item left of what was THE premier place to go for CART news / gossip / banter / and interaction that can only dream of being filled by one entity.

I know that I’ll be hanging out in #7thgear during raceday, but I plan on making my new racing home. After looking around at the alternatives, this looks like the place I think that has the mindset and moderators to keep things sane and view bashing to a foam pugil stick instead of a sharp mace.

Here’s to the passing of a good friend, and the beginning of a great future at