Understanding and Troubleshooting the SharePoint Explorer View

Finally there’s a document out there chronicling Explorer View within SharePoint.  Dan McPherson comments about Explorer View in his post that Explorer View is a VERY popular feature, and it can also be a big pain to troubleshoot.  Hopefully the official Microsoft whitepaper will help all of those that have to troubleshoot Explorer View when things go horribly wrong.


Understanding and Troubleshooting the SharePoint Explorer View

SharePoint and PowerShell

I found this wonderful tidbit via Mart Muller’s Blog, and it shows how you can use the power of PowerShell to manage and manipulate SharePoint.What is PowerShell?

“PowerShell is ‘DOS for the .NET generation’ (c) and its a fantastic way to both interactively control SharePoint via its Object Model from a command line and to create scripts that can be run in a batch.”

Anyway, to give you an impression and some hands to start with:


Enjoy, and I’m looking forward to more posts on PowerShell and SharePoint at Colin Byrne’s  “Adventures in SPWonderland” blog.

Awesome Driving Video on SoapBox

With my new Beta account to SoapBox, I’ve been looking at what’s been uploaded recently, and I found this Hyundai Driving Skills Video, which includes some crazy brake maneuvers, a guy changing a tire while the vehicle is on two wheels, etc.  Check it out!


Cirrus SR20 Crash in Manhattan Commentary

Phil Greenspun, an avid pilot, and fellow Cirrus SR20 owner, provides some commentary on what he preliminarily feels happened to the plane Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle crashed into a Manhattan condo high-rise last week.  He feels that a turn at a higher rate of speed caused an aerodynamic stall, sending the plane into the building.  He also comments about airspace regulations and posts a map of FAA airspace restrictions.

You can find his commentary here.