Blizzard Fun

Well I’m still in Pittsburgh, and there’s about a foot and a half of snow on the ground. I was thinking that maybe the Turnpike and the interstates would be clear to drive home at 4 this afternoon, but the blowing and drifting snow is making the highways a chore for the crews to keep open. So I’ll just spend another evening at Laura’s apartment and hang out. : )

The joys of Wi-Fi

I finally got to try out the Wireless Module on my Evo N800c work laptop while at Pitt (actually I’m posting via it right now). They definitely used a couple hoops that you have to jump through to get authenticated. Between the WEP key, having to manually enter the SSID, and also authenticating through a BlueSocket gateway, it took me roughly 10 minutes to get everything figured out. Although I could definitely get used to this 🙂

New toys, and I don’t have to pay for them! : )

Well today the 18″ Flat Panel monitors came in (all 56 of them), so of course the first thing I did was hook one up at my desk! I’m actually quite surprised as to the brightness and clarity of it at 1280×1024, and the text size is really nice. I also have the secondary connection hooked up to the SharePoint 2001 prototype server lurking at the bottom of my cube, so with the flick of a switch I can go from dual monitor laptop mode to looking at the server, pretty sweet. My new “project” is going around to each desk and running all of the Windows / Office updates before the security test at the end of the month, then off to completely revamp the training room, which should actually be pretty cool.

Well off to download the Battlefield 1942 patch…

The craziness that is flex-time

Well I’m on day #3 of my flex-time schedule at Buckeye, and I admit that it actually is nicer to work the last hour or so of my day, especially because the help desk is closed and I can get some good project work done in that hour. The real benefits come on Valentine’s day, where my first flex day falls, timed with President’s day on Monday gives me an excellent 4 day weekend : ) We got the beginning of the 2003 PC shipment yesterday, and as a group created the standard image all day today in a conference room, with the exception of the Wi-Fi situation on the laptops. I think I have a solution of a combo deny peer-to-peer / WEP solution, as Buckeye doesn’t plan on deploying access points in the near future. Now if this is what my boss actually meant by lock-down I’ll find out tomorrow. Anyways, off to do some relaxing activities, then my daily call with Laura, then head off to bed.

What a crazy weekend

I’m back from yet another trip to Pittsburgh to visit Laura, and it was definitely a mixed weekend. Laura had her White Coat ceremony for Pharmacy school (congrats! : ) ), the Columbia fell apart, and Pitt had a controversial loss to Syracuse. Not only was the improper amount of time put back on the clock before the final play, but the officials lack of calling a technical foul for game interference made the Syracuse outcome a total farce. I hope the Pittsburgh Athletic department displays some disgust about Big East officiating and how the end of the game was handled to the conference commissioner. At least we’re still the highest ranked Big East team in the polls…

Arizona falls…

The pieces are beginning to fall into place…. Arizona lost last night to Stanford, opening the door for Pittsburgh to be on top of the polls for the first time ever, as long as they can pull out a win @ Syracuse on Saturday. Lets Go Pitt!!!

Hump Day is almost over!

Another half of the work week is past us, and it’s time to look towards the weekend! I’ll be on the road to Pittsburgh for Laura’s White Coat ceremony on Friday, but I should have some time to do some updates while I’m there, as she has a test on Monday. Pitt is still #2 in the polls this week, with a road game @ Syracuse. If Arizona loses a game this week, and Pitt wins theirs, we’re in the top spot, YEEHA!

Anyways that’s it for now….