Official XBR2 Threads on AVSForum

THE site I go to for AV talk is AVSForum.  The discussions there include every aspect of AV, from displays to media, spin-off forums for satellite and TiVo, and even includes discusssion (with construction pictures!) of dedicated home theater installs that look simply amazing.

When doing research on my TV purchase, I relied heavily on information from this forum, as well as information in these 3 specific threads.

First is the Official 40″, 46″ XBR2, XBR3 LCD Thread.  First off, let me warn you, as of this posting the thread is now over 100 pages long.  It starts with the original press release and MSRP of the unit, and then continues through opinions, good, bad, problems, etc.

Next is the Official Sony 40″, 46″ XBR2, XBR3 Owners Thread.  This is now about 20 pages (and growing) of posts from those that own the unit, as well as contains picture settings and tests with specific equipment.  More recently some of the LCD thread chatter has spilled over into the owners thread, but primarily the thread consists of owners.

And last but not least is the Sony BRAVIA KDL46XBR2 – User Settings/Calibration Thread.  This is a recent thread to capture all of the settings posted by users in the first 2 threads into one place.  It’s fairly small at this point, but should grow like the other threads.


I’m still dialing in my new TV, and am working on finding the most streamlined setup to my newly created DVR mess, with 1 Series2 TiVo, 1 Media Center Edition 2005 PC, and 1 Motorola 6412 HD Cable Box / DVR.  More on that to follow…

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