W.Bloggar site down (for good?)

For those in the Windows blogging world, W.Bloggar is arguably the most popular freeware blogging utility out there, providing offline posting, recent posts, manage multiple blogs, etc.  I just noticed that the W.Bloggar site ( http://www.wbloggar.com ) is down due to someone not paying the hosting bill.  According to other reports, the site has been down since the 4th of August, and the contact emails all go to a wbloggar.com address.  If this is permanent, it’s sad to see a good project like this go, and also speaks of a good lesson about hosting:  Make sure you have contact information somewhere that does not direct through your domain (i.e. a shared service such as Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo Mail, etc.), or through an ISP, etc. not associated with that domain.  If the project’s managers would have such a contact, perhaps the site would be back up.


Now off to find a new blogging client.

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