W.Bloggar Replacements

In a very recent post, I mentioned that W.Bloggar’s site is down, and may be gone forever.  So I went on a quick search to find a replacement, and I came up with two options:  BlogDesk, and Windows Live Writer

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Microsoft made an offline blog writing tool?  Yes they did, and even though it’s in Beta (which would account for some sluggishness in posting and retreiving recent posts for editing), it rocks.  I’m currently writing this via Windows Live Writer and posting to my MovableType blog.  Yes, they supported third party blogging platforms (not just Live Spaces) too.  The editing interface looks like my blog, with the title editable in the proper stylesheet, as well as the context in the posting.

BlogDesk looks promising as well as a good backup tool, as it gives me just as much functionality as W.Bloggar and some extras.  I would recommend either item for offline composing of posts.

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