For Reference: Common Excel Limits increased in Excel 2007

Over on the Excel Team blog, I found an old post referencing new limits in Excel 2007 while researching something for some new SharePoint sites.

Here are some of the highlights:

The total number of available columns in Excel
Old Limit: 256 (2^8)
New Limit: 16k (2^14)

The total number of available rows in Excel
Old Limit: 64k (2^16)
New Limit: 1M (2^20)

Total amount of PC memory that Excel can use
Old Limit: 1GB
New Limit: Maximum allowed by Windows

Number of unique colours allowed a single workbook
Old Limit: 56 (indexed colour)
New Limit: 4.3 billion (32-bit colour)

Number of conditional format conditions on a cell
Old Limit: 3 conditions
New Limit: Limited by available memory

Number of levels of sorting on a range or table
Old Limit: 3
New Limit: 64

Number of items shown in the Auto-Filter dropdown
Old Limit: 1,000
New Limit: 10,000

It’s nice to see that the row limit is finally higher than 64k, and anything more than 1 million rows should probably be in a more robust application (SQL Server DB).
For the entire list, visit the Excel Team blog.

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