Well that was nasty.

As you can see the upgrade to 3.2 failed horribly. I was eager to install the new version in all its glory, so I followed the upgrade instructions, converted my mt.cfg to the new mt-config.cgi format, uploaded all of the new files nice and neat, and then ran mt-check to see if everything checked out. I get an error that the wonderful perl module DBI is not installed. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem except that DBI is now needed for MovableType to interface with SQL databases in 3.2. As this site is on a shared server, I call CIHost in hopes that the powers that be can either install DBI (not likely) or move me to a server that does. I try and the only possible resolution they have is that they would gladly move my account to a dedicated server so I can install DBI for . So I try and go to the mt admin page anyway in hopes that it would work. It doesn’t, and crashes with a TON of errors blabbing about not being able to use DBI. Now here’s the kicker: When SixApart released the new version, they removed all links to the old version from their website, and since I didn’t have a copy of the old version on my local machine I was between a rock and a hardplace. I tried the forums to see if I could convert the database to BerkleyDB which would work without the infamous DBI module with no response. So I scoured google and found a few souls who still had the code for 3.17 on their site, and downloaded it. I renamed my mt folder and then installed a fresh full copy of 3.17 on, then copied over my mt.cfg and password file, and we’re back and running. WAY too much time over a silly module, but those are the breaks. I might try and export my entries and import them in a BerkleyDB implementation as a side exercise but this has left me a little drained. Time to start thinking about a new hosting provider at the end of this term (April). Any recommendations for mt-friendly hosts will be appreciated.

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