PSP Version 2 Firmware adds AAC support

I received an email from Sony today regarding PSP news. I don’t have a PSP, but I look at the newsletter anyway. I notice that they’ve just released version 2 of their firmware for the unit. So I curiously look at what’s been added. I see 4×3 support for video, some more interoperability with Memory Stick Duo items, etc., but towards the bottom I see the following:

“MP4 (the audio codec for MP4 format audio files is MPEG-4 AAC) and WAV (Linear PCM) have been added as playable file formats (for music saved on Memory Stick Duo? media).”

Now this isn’t protected AAC mind you, but with something like jHymn, you can now use your iTunes songs on the PSP (after some massaging of course). Now the iPod still has far greater memory than the PSP, but it definitely thrusts the PSP further into the all-in-one handheld entertainment device space.

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