Update Time

Lots of things happening over the course of this week. Here’s some of the snippets:

Apple announced 2 new iPods: the iPod Photo, and the iPod U2 Special Edition.

iPod Photo
iPod Special Edition: U2

The iPod Photo has a 65k color screen, and has 40 and 60 GB models. The price, however is pretty steep at $499 and $599 respectively. The iPod U2 Special Edition is the 20GB model for $349 and includes a gift certificate to the iTunes music store.

If you haven’t yet heard, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released to stores on Tuesday. I’m about 10% through the game, and I like it so far. They’ve added a bunch of new additions and nuances to the gameplay style. My only gripe is that the hud map is much more difficult to view than Vice City.

TiVo released version 1.3 of their TiVo Desktop for Windows software, which fixes the GDI+ vulnerability from Microsoft. Still no support for AAC files though.

SpreadFirefox reached their 10,000 donation mark for the ad in the New York Times, raising $250,000 in the process. Look for the ad sometime around November 9th, when Firefox 1.0 is supposed to be released. I’ve been using the new RC1 test candidate this week with no problems, so hopefully it will be on track for that date.

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