Busy past few days…

It’s been a busy few days for me, between setting up my new desktop / gaming box and flying to Pittsburgh for the weekend to visit Laura, so I apologise for the comparitive gap in my postings.

On the new PC front, I put all of the hardware together minus 2 internal audio cables (because I didn’t have any spares, oops) on Friday night before travelling to Pittsburgh Saturday morning. Last night I put the audio cables I bought at CompUSA for $3 bucks each, and went to work building the OS and basic applications, which finished pretty quick. I tried out Battlefield 1942 at about 11 last night and WOW is it nice on that ATI All-In-Wonder 9700 Pro. Ran 1600×1200 and it performed flawlessly : ) Tonight I’ll set up some more apps and run updates, and hopefully grab the pics of the build off of my digital camera to post here soon.

The Pittsburgh trip was fun, I got into Pittsburgh at about 11:15 Saturday morning, and Laura picked me up at the airport. We went shopping, hung out, saw Old School which was pretty good, and found out that she got her internship at a pharmacy about 20 minutes from her house. Congrats! : ) The only bad thing is she has to work Saturdays 9-5 starting this week, which complicates things a bit for visits. Right now it works out with my flex-time at work so I have a day off every other week, so I can head out ther Saturday and then come home Monday. Still not as good of a solution as her getting an internship near me or me landing a job in Pittsburgh, so if you’re reading this and need some IT help, let me know! : )

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