The craziness that is flex-time

Well I’m on day #3 of my flex-time schedule at Buckeye, and I admit that it actually is nicer to work the last hour or so of my day, especially because the help desk is closed and I can get some good project work done in that hour. The real benefits come on Valentine’s day, where my first flex day falls, timed with President’s day on Monday gives me an excellent 4 day weekend : ) We got the beginning of the 2003 PC shipment yesterday, and as a group created the standard image all day today in a conference room, with the exception of the Wi-Fi situation on the laptops. I think I have a solution of a combo deny peer-to-peer / WEP solution, as Buckeye doesn’t plan on deploying access points in the near future. Now if this is what my boss actually meant by lock-down I’ll find out tomorrow. Anyways, off to do some relaxing activities, then my daily call with Laura, then head off to bed.

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